Miranda Lambert Doubles Down With Bigger MuttNation Mission

Her MuttNation Fund at Waggle will now cover more pets in need.

Written by Chris Parton
Miranda Lambert Doubles Down With Bigger MuttNation Mission
Miranda Lambert pictured earlier this year with two of her senior rescues, both 12 years old at the time, Jesse (r) and Waylon; Photo credit: Becky Fluke

Miranda Lambert is doubling her efforts to help give pets in need the best life possible, expanding her MuttNation Fund’s operations in a big, personal way.

The country superstar’s MuttNation Fund at Waggle will now cover medical care and vet bills for pets injured during natural disasters, and senior dogs. It’s a response to this year’s unprecedented number of hurricanes and her own experience with saying goodbye to a beloved pup, and it’s already making a difference. Waggle is a crowdfunded non-profit which helps people pay vet bills of all kinds, and Lambert’s fund was initially formed in September to help music-community members impacted by COVID-19. But she could tell that more help was needed.

“Helping shelter pets during natural disasters has always been a core part of MuttNation’s mission and, this year, there’s been so many hurricanes they ran out of names; and the wildfires burned forever,” Miranda Lambert said of the news. “After losing Waylon earlier this month – he was just shy of 13, I know how important and how costly it can be to keep our older pets healthy. Especially this year, and at this time of year, we’re so thankful to be able to do something to help people save their pets through our MuttNation Fund at Waggle.” 

Putting the fund to good use, Lambert’s mission has already helped an older dog named Lilly, who needed treatment for liver cancer, and anyone who’s pet meets the criteria can apply for assistance here.

Lilly, a beautiful 13-year-old Whippet mix, needs help with liver cancer treatments; Photo courtesy MuttNation

MuttNation jumpstarted the Fund with a generous matching grant donation when it first started, going forward and the MuttNation Fund at Waggle will be supported and sustained through online donations. Every dollar donated is sent directly to the pet’s attending veterinarian, and any leftover funs are used for other pets in the system. Even if your pet isn’t eligible for this program, Waggle is there to help all people with their pets’ medical bill.