Miranda Lambert Is ‘Nervous’ About Next Album

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Miranda Lambert Is ‘Nervous’ About Next Album

Miranda Lambert’s latest album, Revolution, went Platinum, won the title of ACM and CMA Album of the Year, and garnered two No.1 singles. It’s safe to say that Lambert has set the bar pretty high and it’s no wonder she’s a bit nervous about recording a follow up album.

“I’ll probably be panicked the night before my new record comes out because I love ‘Revolution’ still and I can’t even imagine starting on a new record,” Lambert recently said in an interview. (Quote via ABC News)

“But I know I’ve got to and I know that I don’t need to compare myself to myself. I’ve just got to keep doing what I do and moving forward. But, yes, I’m so freakin’ nervous.”

While there are no solid plans for a new album just yet, Lambert says she’s already begun writing songs that could possibly end up on the album. She said she’s been writing with Eric Church and Josh Kelley since the moment she hit the road with them earlier this fall. ABC News reports that she’s written four songs with Church and three with Church and Kelley.

“It’s kind of crazy,” she said. “I guess when you have three writers and musicians on a tour together, some music is going to be made somewhere. It’s a blast.”

Church says he enjoys writing and touring with Miranda.

“We’re a lot alike,” he said of Lambert. “She’s kind of the female version of me. We grew up listening to the same kind of music and we write great songs together. We do a lot of that, as much as we can on the road. … Hopefully the songs will turn up on each other’s records.”