Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Her Relationship with Her Mom

Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Her Relationship with Her Mom

Photo via Twitter

Miranda Lambert and her mother Bev have a pretty unique relationship. Miranda, who calls her mom her “best friend,” recently reminisced about the days when she was just starting out, back when Bev not only acted as her mother, but also her manager.

“She was bookin’ me in bars — I was playin’ Texas, so my mom was like my booking agent. She was working with me, and she was kind of like my boss in a way, and I hated that ’cause she was also my boss in life, ’cause she’s my mom,” Miranda explains with a laugh. “And so, that was a tough time, but we’re also one of those families where we can just get in a huge screamin’ match and five minutes later, ‘I love you,’ you know? We’re not one of those, like, stay-mad-for-a-long-time kind of people.”

Even though Bev is no longer booking Miranda in bars, she still likes to join her daughter on tour. She also joined her at the Kentucky Derby last weekend.

“My mom is a riot,” Miranda says. “She’s like, such a party animal — she loves to be on the road with me. She comes out probably like once a month.”

There’s a good chance Bev, and other members of the Lambert family, will join Miranda at her show tonight. She’s going back to her homestate of Texas to play the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas. If that’s the case, we hope Miranda and Bev get to spend Mother’s Day together tomorrow!