Miranda Lambert Visits Injured Soldiers

Miranda Lambert Visits Injured Soldiers

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert recently stopped by Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. to pay a visit to a few injured soliders.

“It just feels sometimes that we are removed a little from what’s going on with the war because all we see is the news, and we live in our happy world out here on the road,” she writes on her blog. “But its really hits home when you talk to a 23 year old kid with all of his limbs gone who is just a normal guy that you would have gone to high school with. It takes it from just being on the news straight to your core. I wish I could have stayed all day and, if nothing else, just bring a smile to their faces. Cause they definitely bring a smile to mine.”

Miranda chatted with a few of the soliders about thier life overseas. “They showed us pictures and told their stories of what happened. Sometimes they ask you before you go in if you are squeamish, because some of the injuries are pretty graphic. You can’t imagine how humbling it is to hear these guys, who have broken legs or are amputees or have shattered bones, talk. All they can say is how they are mad that they can’t be with their buddies fighting for us and how they want to get back. And they all just kept thanking us for coming.”

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