Miranda Lambert Shoots Down Tabloid Rumors at CMA Songwriters Series Show

Miranda Lambert Shoots Down Tabloid Rumors at CMA Songwriters Series Show

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Miranda Lambert and her husband Blake Shelton have been under intense scrutiny in the tabloids recently. It seems as if there’s a different rumor about the superstar couple each week. While Shelton likes to lash out about the rumors on Twitter, Miranda recently took a different approach.

At Thursday’s (7/11) CMA Songwriters Series event, featuring Lambert, Kip Moore, Brett James and Bob DiPiero, in Boston, the singer addressed the rumors straight on.

“For the record, I’m not pregnant—I’m drinking—and I’m not getting divorced,” Miranda said (quote via Country Weekly). “And I’m not gay, because I think Kip Moore’s cute and Blake knows about it.”

These statements were prompted by Lambert’s performance of her 2007 hit, “Famous in a Small Town.” As the couple’s popularity continues to grow, Lambert says the song takes on a whole new meaning for her.

“All of sudden we go out to eat chicken-fried steak in L.A., which is impossible to find, and there’s cameras and stuff,” she explained. “I’ve been pregnant, having twins, we’ve been separated, I’m drunk and alone, pregnant again, then we’re having twins again, and now we’re getting divorced. I can’t even name the stuff. It’s funny because I realize this song means even more to me now because I’m in the tabloids every week for being famous for something I didn’t even do than for something I want to be famous for, which is playing my damn guitar and writing a song.”

Of all the rumors you’ll see about Lambert, one that’s definitely not true is the pregnancy rumor.

“Everybody’s having babies right now and it’s freaking me out,” she said. “Blake’s in L.A. and I’m real glad, it’s like a million miles away from here. ‘Get that thing away from me! Something’s in the water.’ No way. I have dogs. A lot of dogs.”