Mo Pitney Shares Sweet Taste of New Album With ‘Local Honey’

This song is a sweet summertime listen.

Mo Pitney Shares Sweet Taste of New Album With ‘Local Honey’
Mo Pitney; Photo credit: Cameron Powell

Mo Pitney has released his new song, “Local Honey,” which will appear on his upcoming album, Ain’t Lookin’ Back. The lighthearted, feel-good tune tells the story of a man who meets a local woman selling jam at a farmer’s market. While there were plenty of products to purchase at the market, Pitney sings that he’s more interested in the girl, whom he calls “Local Honey.”

“That local honey, sweeter than sugar just standing there. That local honey, homegrown down the road ‘bout a mile from here. With the birds and the bees gettin’ buzzy, makes me want to lay down my money on a local honey,” sings Pitney in the chorus.

The old-fashioned, summer love story continues in the second verse, as Pitney sings about buying a few products from the girl and then taking her out for a root beer float. The sweet ‘boy meets girl’ story is complimented by Pitney’s strong voice and joyful country instrumentation. Co-written by Pitney himself, he says he got the inspiration from an interesting source — his mom.

“Believe it or not, this song was my mom’s idea,” Pitney shares. “I was walking into a write and she texted me ‘local honey.’ Since I’m grown up and not living at my parent’s house anymore, I didn’t figure she was sending me a grocery list, so my mind immediately went to song.”

The song is one of 13 tracks that will appear on his Ain’t Looking Back album, out on August 14th. “Local Honey” follows the release of the album’s “Mattress On The Floor,” an enduring love song released in May about a couple starting out in the world together. Pitney also shared the title track from the album along with a track called “Ain’t Bad For A Good Ol’ Boy” in March.