Montgomery Gentry Knows Just How to ‘Get Down South’ in New Single

Montgomery Gentry rocks it hard just in time for the summer season on their new single to country radio, "Get Down South."

Written by Kelly Brickey
Montgomery Gentry Knows Just How to ‘Get Down South’ in New Single
Montgomery Gentry; Artwork courtesy Average Joes Entertainment

If anyone knows just how to party when the summertime rolls around in the southern region of the country, it’s Montgomery Gentry.

With the warmer weather rolling in pretty soon, Montgomery Gentry wanted to get ahead of the trend by putting out a rocking song to get people pumped about the upcoming season. Mixing some talk elements together with their jamming guitars and upbeat rhythm, it’s safe to be said that the song plays to the wild times of summer as it blows through the radio airwaves.

A special highlight of “Get Down South” comes with the crossover of Eddie Montgomery’s tenor tone takes the spoken word verses by storm before Troy Gentry’s lighthearted sound covers the choruses in all their glory.

Although Gentry’s vocals stand out strong in the chorus as a party of the rowdy single, there were moments where Montgomery doubted the continuation of the duo after the tragic loss of his music partner.

“There are always questions in your mind: ‘Can I do this without T?’ Because when you’ve been with somebody for 35 years, clicking on stage and once that’s gone you’re like, ‘Oh hell!’ I know he’ll be right there and he’ll be kicking us in the butt going, ‘Come on boys! Let’s get this going here,’ because I know that’s what he’d want. That’s what we talked about was to keep Montgomery Gentry alive and going. He’d want people to know Montgomery Gentry is still rocking,” Montgomery said in a previous interview.

Nevertheless, the song keeps the groove going after their recent release shot to No. 1 on the Billboard Country Albums Chart and received quite the attention from fans and critics alike.

“Get Down South” can be found on Montgomery Gentry’s latest record, Here’s to You, which is available now.