Morgan Wallen Appreciates His Friendship with Florida Georgia Line

Wallen looks upon FGL's dedication to their craft as an inspiration for his own work ethic.

Morgan Wallen Appreciates His Friendship with Florida Georgia Line
Morgan Wallen, Florida Georgia Line; Photo by Nick Swift

Making friends in country music isn’t hard to do, but Morgan Wallen truly loves the connection he created when working with Florida Georgia Line.

Wallen and the guys bonded over their Southern upbringings and love of music, which turned into a friendship beyond the constraints of work. Taking the unspoken words of advice from the award-winning duo to heart with his career and his touring schedule, Wallen really admires the way they run their business and hopes to follow suit.

“The FGL guys they have been so good to me, like I said from the beginning. And they’re not necessarily giving me straight up sit-down advice talk or whatever, but I kinda got to see how they run their show and how good they are to people and how, just how even at their stage of the game how focused they are,” Wallen said of the duo to Sounds Like Nashville recently.

The rising country star also reflects upon FGL’s constant rise-and-grind attitude, and wants to incorporate that into his daily routine now that he made it big on country radio and headlined his very own tour. The dedication that Florida Georgia Line puts into their shows and their music is something Wallen strives to reach and continually leans toward in his work ethic.

“I feel it could be easy to be, ‘Alright, I’ve got this,’ like they’re so on fire like whatever,” Wallen said of FGL’s success. “But they are so focused, and so focused on writing and performing and making sure that they continue to grow and to be better and if they are doing that, then I have absolutely zero excuse to not give it 100 percent every day. So, I’m definitely taking that from them.”

Wallen and Florida Georgia Line worked together on “Up Down,” the lead single from Wallen’s debut album, If I Know Me.