Morgan Wallen Pens Letter to Fans: ‘You’ll Be Seeing Me Sooner Than Later’

The handwritten letter was shared to social media.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Morgan Wallen Pens Letter to Fans: ‘You’ll Be Seeing Me Sooner Than Later’
Morgan Wallen; Photo credit: John Shearer

For the first time since a video message posted in February, Morgan Wallen is speaking out. He singer posted a four page letter to fans on Tuesday evening (4/13) giving them an update and thanking them for their support.

“So many things have happened since I’ve had the opportunity to talk to my fans,” he wrote. “I haven’t even had a chance to share my feelings on what has happened with my music + the Dangerous album, + it’s important to me that I do that first to y’all.”

He went on to thank fans for standing in his corner and bringing his Dangerous album to No.1 for 10 consecutive weeks, a history-making feat. But it was everyone’s personal responses to the album that made Wallen the proudest.

“I’ve read stories of what some of these songs mean to some of you and truth be told that’s the best accolade there is,” he continued. “I had to write some of these songs to get them off my heart, so to see them landing in yours makes me feel connected to y’all. A feeling I think we all long for deep down.”

With his thank you’s issued, the Tennessee native went on to say that during his several month hiatus, he’s had time to grow and learn and feels a difference from his 22-year-old self that had just moved to Nashville. He added that this time has been valuable for his growth as a person and is proud of what he’s accomplished.

Though he’s excited to see fans once again, Wallen will remain out of the spotlight for the remainder of the summer, sharing that he would not be participating in any festival dates or Luke Bryan’s headlining tour. He added that it is important to him that fans still attend these shows and support country music.

Wallen’s letter concluded with the news this his devoted legions have been waiting for, and that a return is imminent.

“I’m back in Nashville getting back in the swing of things + you guys can rest assured that I am looking forward to giving you guys what you deserve, especially after all you’ve done for me. My story is far from over + getting back out to see y’all is all I can think about. So just know you’ll be seeing me sooner than later,” he said, before signing off with a “love ya.”

Wallen has been largely out of the spotlight after a video of him was released by TMZ of him using racial slurs outside of his home. He credited the usage with a 72-hour bender and in his February video message, admitted that he was working to get sober. The backlash on him was severe as he lost his booking agent, was pulled from streaming services and was put on indefinite suspension from his record label.

Through and through, his fans have been supporting the singer, even going as far as raising Morgan Wallen billboards across Nashville in the days leading up to the 2021 ACM Awards.

No word on when Wallen plans on making his return or what other work he’s during his recent racial issues education.