Music City Hotels Help to Release Your Inner Songsmith

Ready to write a song?

Music City Hotels Help to Release Your Inner Songsmith
Hutton Hotel Writing Room (Designed by Dierks Bentley); Photo credit: Katie Kauss

Nashville is definitely a songwriters’ town, with talented professionals flocking to the city to take part in the creative energy of a community of artists who craft the hits that fill country radio. In fact, the attitude of creative collaboration is so strong in Nashville that writers are often teamed up for what are locally called “songwriting dates” to share their life experiences and write songs that have more emotional depth.

Visitors to Nashville can sign up for experiences through services like Airbnb to actually write a song with a professional songsmith, including some experiences that offer the opportunity to take a professionally produced recording of your tune home with you. If you want to take your songwriting dreams even further, two Nashville hotels are offering the chance to awaken your country music muse through unique lodging options.

Hutton Hotel, Courtesy photo/credit: Tim Williams
Hutton Hotel, Courtesy photo/credit: Tim Williams

The Hutton Hotel in Midtown is a boutique property that recently undertook a major renovation to create the ultimate creative spaces for songwriters. Conceptualized by country music star Dierks Bentley and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, one of the stars of NBC’s Songland, the Hutton’s two Writer’s Studios are designed to offer any guest everything they need to write and cut a hit. Professional acoustical designers ensured that the sound is ideal for recording, and each room is equipped with an array of modern and retro-style gear ranging from premium tube guitar amplifiers to handcrafted microphones for laying down tracks.

Hutton Hotel Writing Room (Designed by Ryan Tedder); Photo credit: Katie Kauss
Hutton Hotel Writing Room (Designed by Ryan Tedder); Photo credit: Katie Kauss

To take your songwriting to another level, Hutton is offering a series of retreats this summer where limited numbers of guests will be able to take advantage of all the creative facilities in the hotel while learning about the craft from local professionals. Future dates for the packages are August 8-11 and September 5-8.

Guests don’t have to just concentrate on country songs either, since the instructors for the workshops are  award-winning writing experts from SESAC who work across many genres. The package includes three nights of lodging, a ticket to a Songwriter’s Round performance in the Hutton’s Analog music venue, three hours in the Writer’s Studio working with a professional writer plus extra time to write alone, three hours with a recording engineer to cut tracks of their compositions and the chance to take off-site tours of other music attractions in Nashville.

If this sounds up your alley, call 615-340-9333 to book your spot in the studio.

Kimpton Aertson Hotel Stay Human Project Room; Courtesy of Kimpton Aertson Hotel

Less intensive, but still quite entertaining is the opportunity to stay in the Kimpton Aertson Hotel’s special room that is part of the Kimpton Stay Human Project, which the hotel describes as “a nationwide Kimpton campaign that encourages participants to forge meaningful relationships with other guests through a shared customized, localized room experience.” The Kimpton is located just a short stroll from Nashville’s iconic Music Row, and they hope their guests will feel the inspiration.

The comfortable room is equipped with equipment to make recording a song simple for even amateur musicians, including an Epihone acoustic guitar, a microphone and an iPad loaded with music-composition software. For inspiration, local radio station Lightning 100 has provided a curated playlist of songs for guests to cut their own covers of, and if they are feeling brave, they can upload their new version to the hotel’s Spotify channel to be shared with other guests.

To take the creative vibe up yet another notch, even the robes in the guest room are rhinestone-studded like something Porter Wagoner would have lounged around in between sets at the Grand Ole Opry.

“The Kimpton Stay Human Project gives us an opportunity to provide a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience for our guests,” says Mark Hayes, Kimpton Aertson Hotel general manager. “We wanted to create a fun and interactive concept that touches on the five senses and encourages people to not take themselves too seriously. We hope our guests embrace the project and enjoy connecting with each other.”

Book the Kimpton Aertson Hotel Stay Human Project room online at The room will be available to guests June 1 through September 30.