Music City Star Jessica Mack is Engaged!


Written by Lauren Laffer
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Jessica Mack and Andreas Plackis; Photo via Instagram

When you know, you know, and it seems Jessica Mack knows that she has found her perfect match.

As one of the stars of CMT’s reality series Music City, Mack never shied away from sharing her search for Mr. Right. And while she didn’t make a match on camera, she found her happy ending offscreen with Andreas Plackis. The couple met seven months ago in a Bible study group and quickly fell head over heels in love. (Viewers of the show will remember religion played a key role in Mack’s life–and storylines.)

“Everything just fit,” Mack shared with PEOPLE. “He had a strong faith, we enjoyed each other’s company and I was super attracted to him. It was easy with him.”

Plackis popped the question with an extravagant proposal in Nashville’s Centennial Park, where he organized a scavenger hunt for his soon-to-be-fiancee. Things didn’t go exactly to plan, however, as Mack had trouble solving one of the clues her beau had laid out for her.

“We went on a scavenger hunt to find clues that would lead me to a missing page in a book we have been writing back and forth in to each other since the beginning of the year,” Mack shared. “The clues pieced together formed a picture of Centennial Park. He took me out to this big tree and I started searching for the paper. After a good five minutes I gave up and asked for his help.”

She continued, “He turned me away from the tree and gave me the paper. He said count to three and do what the paper says. I count, I read and it says, ‘Turn around.’ When I turn around I see Dre pull out a ring box out of his pocket.”

After placing the 1.07 round-cut solitaire diamond on her left ring finger, the couple enjoyed the rest of the day together before arriving at a surprise engagement party.

They plan to wed on August 25 in Mack’s home state of Arkansas. Congrats to the happy couple!