‘Nashville’ Season Five Will Be More About the Music

For season five, the storyline will focus on deepening character relationships and developing a new ear for diverse music genres.

Written by Kelly Brickey
‘Nashville’ Season Five Will Be More About the Music
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Push the drama aside and let the music be heard is the motive for season five of Nashville.

Showrunner Marshall Herskovitz recently laid down all the details about the storyline of the television music drama and he emphasized the fact that the storyline will be played down in order to highlight the importance of the music behind the show throughout the upcoming season. Rather than getting the characters all twisted up in new plotlines, everyone will come back to their original home within the music they play and focus on their sound to move the season along.

Instead of just layering on problem after problem for the characters, the Nashville production team hopes this season will shed light onto the deep relationships between the cast and see how they all intertwine within their Music City connections.

“Nashville is the crossroads of the entire music world, not just country music,” said Herskovitz, pointing out that the music included in this season will become a diverse mixture of genres instead of the typical country format many fans are used to on the show.

Nashies can expect a lot of newness on season five with this adjustment to the production as well as the addition of new cast members to the original character list.

Season five of Nashville will come back to television on January 5 on its new home at CMT. Episodes will begin airing the following day on Hulu for fans to catch up on throughout the season.