‘Nashville’ Sets Season Six Premiere Date For Early January

Nashies can tune in to the sixth season of the hit television drama on Thursday, January 4, as announced by Hayden Panettiere and Jonathan Jackson in a simple Instagram video.

Written by Kelly Brickey
‘Nashville’ Sets Season Six Premiere Date For Early January
Charles Esten, Jonathan Jackson, Hayden Panettiere; Photo Credit: Mark Levine/CMT

Mark your calendars, Nashies, because the premiere date of Nashville on CMT is just around the corner!

Jonathan Jackson, who plays the role of Avery Barkley, and Hayden Panettiere, known as Juliette Barnes, announced the season six news via Instagram in a short video clip. The two let it be known that the hit television drama would return to television on Thursday, January 4, at its normal time.

While fans of the series knew it would come back early in the new year, the official premiere date can now be locked down on their schedule to watch the drama unfold. As seen in previews for the upcoming season, it looks like Barnes will blow a gasket over the pressures of stardom and Deacon Claybourne, played by Charles Esten, will still recover the business ends of Highway 65 Records after the shocking loss of his wife, Rayna Jaymes, as played by Connie Britton.

Five new cast members will add to the ever-changing storylines in their own connections to the original cast of characters. Josh Stamberg, known mostly for his role on Parenthood, will take on the persona of Darius, whose charismatic personality will charm that of Barnes to follow into somewhat of a cult-like group. On the other hand, musician Jake Etheridge will come onto the scene as Sean who happens to be a former military man suffering from PTSD and trying to make his dreams of music come true.

Rainee Lyleson, Nic Luken and Dylan Arnold will all join the main cast as supporting roles transforming the music industry within the heart of Music City.

Season six of Nashville also marks the first full season with Britton’s lead, transitioning the entire crew from grieving the loss of their country matriarch to figuring out the business without her reign.

New episodes of Nashville will air beginning on Thursday, January 4, on CMT.