Natalie Stovall Debates ‘Wine or Whiskey’ in New Music Video

The fight for love is never easy, even for Natalie Stovall in the choice between "Wine or Whiskey."

Written by Kelly Brickey
Natalie Stovall Debates ‘Wine or Whiskey’ in New Music Video
Natalie Stovall, Photo via YouTube

As Pat Benatar once sang, “Love is a battlefield.” Natalie Stovall understands that fight as she emotionally struggles with matters of the heart in her video for “Wine or Whiskey.”

Stuck in her car looking out onto the pouring rain in agony, Stovall sings the honest debate she’s contemplating in her mind and thinks about losing her love or holding on tight to that special someone. Putting the clash in context of the romantic notes of wine or the strong defeat of whiskey, the singer doesn’t know which way to go as she wrestles with the good and bad of each.

Nevertheless, Stovall looks radiant as she coos in view of the camera with both alcoholic beverages tempting her in the distance. Longing for the misery to take shape into a decision worthy of her passion, she captures the clips with her commanding presence.

“I’ve been a lot more honest about that in my writing lately. About fighting and not giving up. About how hard it is to have a dream and keep coming up just a bit short. About sacrifice and heartbreak. And I’m definitely not holding back on new music or my new live show,” Stovall said in a past interview on Idol Chatter.

Although Stovall has been around the Nashville music scene for a few years, she built her name up when she made it onto Blake Shelton’s team during a recent season of The Voice. She was eliminated early on, but Shelton brought her back as a comeback artist, where she ultimately was sent home.

“Wine or Whiskey” is available everywhere now.