New Blog from Martina McBride

Written by SLN Staff Writer
New Blog from Martina McBride

Martina McBride took to her blog on Friday to catch up with fans and to share some more details on her upcoming cross-country train ride that’s in conjunction with the release of her new album, Eleven

I hear the train a comin’…
Hey everybody.
Lots of exciting stuff to write about! September is flying by and I’m glad because it means we are that much closer to October! October 11 to be exact!
We have so much stuff scheduled for the album’s launch, but one of the most exciting is ELEVEN Across America Powered by Amtrak. Most of you have probably heard about this. We are taking a train across America with 11 stops (some of them will be acoustic performances, some will be press conference style). I am really excited about getting out and being able to see fans all across the country. Usually for an album’s launch we are only in NY or LA..the fact that we get to travel coast to coast for this album launch is so cool!
Many of you have asked about the schedule. We are not able to post the detailed schedule with times, nor the exact route, yet. We will be announcing dates and times closer to the train’s departure. We will also be sending out video and photo updates from the train daily so that you can follow us on our journey. I’m going to try and blog at least once from the train as well. So check my twitter and facebook page very closely in the weeks coming up!
Some people are asking what kind of train it is. It is a private chartered Amtrak train…we will have the whole train to ourselves! Well, us and the crew and SOME LUCKY WINNERS! Yes, that’s right. There will be contests where you can win a chance to ride on the train with us! Those details will be forthcoming and I will share them with you on twitter and facebook as soon as I get them!
Update on the single: We had a great week last week moving 39-38 on Billboard and 39-35 on Mediabase. Things are looking good for this week as well. Just keep requesting when you can, take the surveys, tell your friends, put the video on your facebook…all those things really do make a difference.
Look for us in the new People magazine country issue. I talk about some of my favorite things.
Speaking of one of my favorite things…fall is in the air! It’s been so great here in Nashville this week. Crisp, cool. Definitely sweater weather. We’ve been loving it. Makes me want to throw a party!
Take care,

Eleven will be available on October 11.