Niko Moon: Style Profile

True to character, the “Good Time” singer uses fashion for fun.

Written by Emily Davidson Nemoy
Niko Moon: Style Profile
Niko Moon; Photo credit: Matthew Berinato

Artist, writer and musician Niko Moon has a flair for challenging boundaries, including fusing hip-hop and country and wearing clothes that embody his true self rather than an ideal.

“I think the most important thing is to be authentic to your lifestyle,” Moon says. “Like not trying to look like a famous person that you like or something that you saw in a magazine. I try to dress in a way that I feel is very reflective of who I am as a person.” In honor of his album, Moon had the words “good” and “time” tattooed on his knees. With the right pair of ripped jeans, the sentiment peeks through, showcasing his zest for life.

We caught up with the rising star to gab about fashion, his watch obsession and his desire to one day have his own clothing line. Check out his Style Profile below.

His wardrobe must-haves: “I have a Saint Laurent Perfecto from back when Hedi Slimane was running YSL. It’s a black Perfecto with white lapels. That’s my favorite jacket. I’m a little bit of a jacket addict or hoarder, whatever you want to call it. I just can’t help myself when it comes to leather jackets. I have a custom hat made by a friend of mine named Gunner Foxx that I love. I pretty much wear that every day and I usually rock Celine sunglasses.”

The worst fashion trend he’s experienced: “I think the worst one was when Kris Kross got really popular back in the day and everybody was wearing backwards pants. I thought I was really cool. But basically the first, and only, day I did it, I went to the bathroom and realized it was a very bad idea.”

His favorite fashion trend: “I think my favorite look in fashion in general, whether I’m in a suit, or in jeans and a tee, is a tailored look. I get all of my clothes tailored and fitted because I’d rather have a one- dollar shirt that I got at the thrift store that I got fitted to me. You can make anything look great, literally anything. Or, you can have a $5,000 shirt that fits you horribly. I’d take the one-dollar shirt over the $5,000 shirt if it’s fitted right. To me, fit is everything.”

His style icons: “Hedi Slimane, Alessandro Michele and Yves Saint Laurent.”

His favorite accessory: “I love watches. I think every guy needs a good watch. I’ve been collecting watches for a long time. I usually wear a Rolex Submariner. I’m a big fan of mixing silver and gold together. I’m always mixing the two worlds. I also wear a lot of jewelry made by the Japanese designer, Goros. He’s my favorite designer.”

His go-to fashion advice: “I was born in Texas and raised in Georgia. I’m a southern guy who loves making country music, and I’m a country artist, but I’ve also always been in love with high fashion and things like that. And I found a way to mix those two worlds together. I really love style. I really love fashion. I love talking about fashion. It’s a goal of mine, one day, to have my own clothing line. To me, it’s just another way for me to be artistic and express myself artistically, other than through music.”

Fans can get to know more about Niko Moon on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels. His tour schedule is available HERE.