Noah Hicks, Jon Langston and Travis Denning Throw Riotous Party In ‘Drinkin’ In A College Town’ Video

Raise a red solo cup up for this one!

Noah Hicks, Jon Langston and Travis Denning Throw Riotous Party In ‘Drinkin’ In A College Town’ Video
L-R: Jon Langston, Noah Hicks and Travis Denning; Photo credit: Sam Shelton

Noah Hicks teamed up with Jon Langston and Travis Denning for his rowdy new single, “Drinkin’ In A College Town,” and the Georgia friends came together yet again for the song’s spirited music video, premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today (8/25).

The video begins with Hicks, Langston and Denning as old men reminiscing on their college days. Hicks finds an old flask with alcohol still in it, and when they drink from it, they are suddenly transported back to their younger bodies and join the wild college party taking place outside. The video then shifts between clips of Hicks, Langston and Denning singing the good-time tune and clips of fellow partygoers enjoying their time. The video clearly captures the feeling of a high-energy Southern college party, and Hicks shared that the video shoot was somewhat of a party itself.

“Man, shooting the video was insane. Jon and Travis really showed up and put it all out there and kept that intensity up,” Hicks told Sounds Like Nashville. “Those guys are badass. The rest of the crew that came out to be in it are all friends, or friends of friends—we just had fun. Kinda felt like a Friday night tailgate with the homies, because it basically was.”

“Some people think I’m a little intense, but if I’m going to show up, I just show up 100% every time,” adds the singer. “That’s important to me. And all I can say is everyone else showed up the day we shot the video, too. You can feel it when you watch it.” 

Hicks signed a record deal with RED Creative in May and released “Drinkin’ In A College Town” in June. Upon the release, Hicks expressed his excitement about sharing the mic with Langston and Denning with People.

“I’ve been a fan of Travis and Jon since the first time I heard them years ago,” Hicks said. “It’s crazy that I get to make music with these guys now.”

Hicks will be joining Langston on the road this fall, and Hicks says he’s excited to play the new tune live for fans. “The song gets me amped up! Can’t wait to play it live,” says Hicks. “We’ve got some shows coming up opening for Langston, which I’m pumped for. Guess we’ll all just have to recreate the video every night we play out.”