Old Dominion Show Off New Bus Pet

While most artists bring their dogs and cats on the road, Old Dominion opted for a reptile as their tour pet.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Old Dominion Show Off New Bus Pet
Photo via @olddominionmusic on Instagram

When one wants a pet, the traditional ideas fall along the lines of animals such as dogs, cats, fish, guinea pigs and hamsters. For Old Dominion, a pet that was easy to manage throughout their busy schedule and time on the road seemed ideal—hence why they opted for a unique animal: a turtle.

The guys recently adopted the little girl into their group while on tour with Steve Moakler and the turtle has adapted into the bus life quite nicely. Just the perfect size to come along for the ride of touring throughout the winter, it seems like Old Dominion made the right decision for them as the turtle will continue to provide them great happiness and entertainment for the next few months out and about.

Hanging with Myrtle the bus Turtle.

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“Hanging with Myrtle the bus Turtle,” one Instagram says of a band member with the new member of the crew.

Bus turtle. 🐢

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Hilariously enough, Old Dominion is the only band at the moment that took on the task of raising a turtle on the road. Other artists do bring their pets along for love and comfort, but very rarely does one see a reptile among the group. Brett Eldredge finds friendship while travelling in his pup, Edgar, and Maren Morris recently posted a cute picture of her dog in front of her portable tour home.

Guess fans will just have to keep up with all of the crazy adventures Myrtle and the band get up to during their time out touring throughout the end of the year. Fans can find more information about their tour dates on the Old Dominion website.