On the Road: Luke Bryan’s 8th Annual Farm Tour

Bryan showed off his backstage hang out areas and all of the hard work that goes into making Farm Tour a memorable time for all.

Written by Kelly Brickey
On the Road: Luke Bryan’s 8th Annual Farm Tour

When fans come out to Farm Tour to check out reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year Luke Bryan doing his thing with some of his closest buddies, what they don’t see is all of the hard work that goes into the set-up and production that goes on before the big show.

During a visit to see Bryan perform at his Greenback, Tennessee show, Sounds Like Nashville got the exclusive look behind-the-scenes of what Bryan does to gear up for a unique tour such as Farm Tour. Set out in the middle of nowhere on a farm that stretches as far as the eye can see, Bryan invites his fans to come out and enjoy an outdoor concert like none other.

Before the show, Bryan discussed how Farm Tour sets up scholarships for students and send major love to all of the farmers out there by supporting them with some of the proceeds earned through ticket sales. He also gave the SLN crew a little backstage tour of all that goes on prior to a big concert such as the shows of Farm Tour.

Throwing in a couple pun-filled jokes, Bryan showed off the hard-working crew during set-up and highlighted his bus area filled with gym equipment, TVs and his outdoor bikes. But due to his recent accident that caused Bryan to break his clavicle, it looks like he won’t be taking his bike out for a ride any time soon.

Check out the exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Farm Tour with Bryan, Granger Smith, Jon Langston, and The Peach Pickers above.

Bryan’s 8th Annual Farm Tour picks back up on Wednesday, October 12, in Batesville, Mississippi. The Farm Tour will also visit Prairie Grove, Arkansas on October 13, Centralia, Missouri on October 14 and Effingham, Illinois on October 15. Tickets for Farm Tour are available HERE.

Bryan’s first-ever Farm Tour EP, Here’s to the Farmer, is available for purchase now.