Parmalee Announces New Contemporary Album, ‘For You’

Who is ready for some new Parmalee music?

Written by Kelly Brickey
Parmalee Announces New Contemporary Album, ‘For You’
Parmalee; Photo Credit: Joseph Llanes

You’re in luck, Parmalee fans: the band is back and better than ever with the upcoming release of their highly anticipated album, For You.

The country group released two new tracks in celebration of the big announcement, satisfying the demand of fans by sending out the passionate piece, “Take My Name.” They also sent out a creative collaboration called “Greatest Hits” featuring Fitz, marking the next big move in their musical journey.

“We feel most authentic and our best as a band when we feel like we’re having a conversation with the audience. That’s what we really narrowed in on for this album and leaned into what makes Parmalee sound like Parmalee—it’s all based on our connection to the fans,” said lead singer Matt Thomas “For You is an album for the fans — the ones who’ve supported us for years, and the new ones we’re getting to know every day.”

The collection will be composed of 13 tracks in total, featuring Parmalee’s recent popular partnership with Blanco Brown called “Just the Way.” The song has gained so much support from within the country community and throughout the music industry that R&B star Bryce Vine has put his own pop spin on the number.

Fans are currently able to pre-save and pre-add the album on streaming services now. It is set to come out on July 30.

Parmalee is currently on the road for the summer, hitting numerous cities across the country for the Just the Way Tour. Fans can check out if the band is headed to a venue near them on their website.

Track Listing:

  1. “For You” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Justin Wilson)
  2. “Just the Way” – (Matt Thomas, Kevin Bard, Nolan Sipe)
  3. “Backroad Girl” – (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, Blake Bollinger, Brinley Addington)
  4. “Take My Name” – (Matt Thomas, Ashley Gorely, David Fanning, Ben Johnson)
  5. “I Do” – (Tyler Hubbard, Matt Thomas, Corey Crowder, David Fanning)
  6. “Miss You” – (Michael Tyler, Matthew McGinn, David Fanning)
  7. “Greatest Hits (feat. Fitz)” – (Matt Thomas, Kevin Bard, Nolan Sipe, Andrew Goldstein, Michael Fitzpatrick)
  8. “Better With You” – (Matt Thomas, Ashley Gorely, David Fanning)
  9. “Forget You – (feat. Avery Anna)” (Matt Thomas, Shane Minor, David Fanning, Thomas Archer)
  10. “Alone Like That” – (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, David Fanning, James McNair)
  11. “I See You” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Justin Wilson, Steven McMorran)
  12. “I’ll Take The Chevy” – (Matt Thomas, Josh McSwain, Barry Knox, Zachary Kale, James McNair, Josh Mirenda)
  13. “For You”– (Matt Thomas, Barry Knox, Josh McSwain, Scott Thomas, David Fanning)