Pat Green – “What I’m For”

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Pat Green – “What I’m For”

Well, by now you guys know that we’re big fans of Pat Green, and we love love love the new album! I’ve had the CD for a couple of weeks now and it has been on constant repeat since the moment I got it. One of the things that I was reminded of when listening to it is that I think it’s so easy to get caught up in the bigger artists out there. Of course we all love our Kenny Chesney, our Keith Urban, our Carrie Underwood, and our Taylor Swift, but I really encourage everyone that may concentrate on just those bigger artists to take a step back and broaden your horizons. You may be missing out on some great music! This album was a perfect reminder of that for me.

Pat’s first single from this record, “Let Me,” is currently sitting at No. 15 on the charts and it’s still climbing! Pat described this song as a love song, but one that never uses the actual word “love.” We’re anxious to see how high this one will get for Pat on the charts!

“Country Star” is a song that you must hear! This is one of those roll your windows down, crank up the radio, sing as loud as you can songs, and honestly, what is better than that?! Add in the fact that Pat name drops Kenny, Faith, Tim, Keith, Vince, Willie, and Carrie, and this song will have you singing along for sure! (And P.S. – this song is now my ringtone – LOVE IT!)

Although it’s hard to choose, right now I’d say that my favorite song on the album is “Lucky.” It’s an upbeat, fun-sounding song that will definitely keep you singing along, but at the same time, it digs a little bit deeper. It sends a fantastic message that although we always want for a little bit more, we’re actually pretty lucky just as we are. It starts out “Well I hope you get to be on a TV game show and win a million dollars/That’s lucky/And I hope a bartender appears with a shot and a beer every time you holler/Cause that’s lucky/And I hope you get to live in a big old crib in a fancy neighborhood/Cause that’s lucky/And you never have to fight for an invite to the coolest parties out in Hollywood/Aw, that’s lucky/But if you were just a regular guy/Living beneath this red, white and big blue sky/With your job, your car, your family, your friends/The love of a girl that you know will never end/Then you’ve already got it made/Every single day/Yeah, you know what it’s like to be lucky.” I absolutely love it – I love the fact that he’s recognizing that it’s the simple, every day things in our lives that really do make us all “Lucky.” Here’s a clip of Pat recording “Lucky” in the studio…

As a parent, I’d be failing you if I didn’t mention “Footsteps Of Our Fathers.” The song is all about the circle of life, about the people that came before us and the people that will come after us. No one has ever made it through this world perfectly, nor will they ever, but this song really makes you just take a deep breath and think “you know what, things aren’t perfect, but that’s perfectly ok, let’s just enjoy it while we’re here.” There’s a great line in here where Pat is referring to his kids, and instead of calling them his daughter and son, he sings “As I look down at the brother of my daughter/As I kneel and kiss the sister of my son/I only hope I leave a righteous path to follow/As they go walking, oh, we are walking in the footsteps of our fathers.”

Here at CMIL, you’re never going to get a “professional” review with big words that you don’t understand. We’re not experts in this department by any means. But, we are fans of the music and we know what makes us feel good, and Pat’s “What I’m For” definitely does that!

Click HERE to buy your copy or listen to some of the songs HERE. Let us know what you think of Pat’s new album!!!