Phil Vassar Plays Shows Through The Night In Craven, Saskatchewan

Phil Vassar Plays Shows Through The Night In Craven, Saskatchewan

Rodeowave Entertainment’s Phil Vassar, whose “Don’t Miss Your Life” continues its steady climb up the charts, played three separate sets at the recent Craven Country Jamboree in Craven, Saskatchewan…though only one was planned.

Following his 90-minute set on the main stage, a gathering of 200+ people gathered in a VIP tent backstage. No one appeared ready to go home, so Vassar sat down at the piano on a small stage in the tent and proceeded to entertain the growing crowd for another two hours.

Now it was Phil who wasn’t ready to go home. Wanting to keep the party going, he and his band headed for the stage in the nearby campground and played another 45 minutes for the surprised, yet adoring fans…at 3:00 a.m.

“I don’t know what got into us,” said Vassar. “Either these people are crazy, we’re crazy or both – I think it was both -
but we felt like the Energizer Bunny! I’m definitely looking forward to going back.”

Either exhaustion or sensibility final kicked in, and his tour manager convinced the group they had just enough time to go to the hotel to pack and head to Regina to catch a 6:40 a.m. flight back to Nashville.

Christopher Tessmer summed up Phil’s main stage performance in his Craven Leader-Post concert review with, “While the smiles and swaying back and forth in the aisles gave credence to the crowd’s enjoyment, they ensured Vassar left knowing he was welcome back sooner than later with a rousing standing ovation as he and his band bowed at the front of the stage and made their way up and down the catwalk one last time to high-five the enthusiastic mass.”

Phil, who recently received the 2012 VAB Distinguished Virginian Award by the Virginia Association of Broadcasters, is back on the road performing dates in Memphis, Iowa and Wisconsin.

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