Pick Up Your Copy Of Love And Theft’s “World Wide Open”

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Pick Up Your Copy Of Love And Theft’s “World Wide Open”


Love And Theft’s debut album, World Wide Open, hits stores today!

If you weren’t the lucky winner of the Love And Theft prize pack we gave away, be sure to go grab your copy of the album today.

Stephen, Brian, and Eric came up with a few ideas to thank their fans…

“We have the most amazing fans in the whole wide world,” declares Love And Theft’s Stephen Barker Liles “and with everyone’s wallets stretched pretty tight these days we wanted to offer them more bang for their buck when they go buy our new CD.”

“So when we went to our label about it we all started talking and came up with a bunch of different things we could give back to our fans when they buy the CD or download the record,” finishes Love And Theft’s Eric Gunderson.

Various stores will have different limited edition versions of the album. Stephen, Brian and Eric spent tens of hours on buses, airplanes and in hotel rooms autographing the signature edition that can be found in Target stores. At Wal-Mart and walmart.com when you purchase Love And Theft’s World Wide Open, it will contain a code to download 3 demo/acoustic versions of the band’s songs. And the CDs at Best Buy will contain a poster of Love And Theft inside the package.

Online outlets will also offer up some love from Love And Theft. At iTunes when you download the full album, you will receive 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Amazon will offer up a bonus track to fans as well. Click here—> World Wide Open to purchase the album on Amazon.