Playing the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl is a ’Big Honor’ For Cole Swindell

Fans can tune into the big bowl game on New Year's Eve to catch Swindell perform a mash-up of two of his biggest hits at halftime.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Playing the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl is a ’Big Honor’ For Cole Swindell
Cole Swindell; Photo by Joseph Llanes

Like many of his fellow country artists, Cole Swindell has found himself in the middle of some huge success throughout the past year. His singles have blown up all over the radio, he’s gone on a number of very important tours and he’s ending things off right by performing during the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl football game on New Year’s Eve.

The “You Should Be Here” singer has had back-to-back accolades pouring in throughout the entirety of 2016, but when it comes to knowing Swindell’s personality, almost nothing means as much as combining his loves of music and sports together for one massive performance.

“People that know me best know I love sports. I love football and I’m usually watching. I’m a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings and I watch so many not just football, but so many sports games there. I mean, the atmosphere there is amazing. To now be partnered with them and getting to do the Citrus Bowl…I mean, this is the third year and my first time ever doing anything like this. To go from maybe watching the games one year at a place to playing the actual Citrus Bowl they’re sponsoring, it’s going to be pretty amazing,” Swindell gushed to Sounds Like Nashville in a recent interview.

Getting to mash-up two of his biggest radio singles, “Let Me See Ya Girl” and “Chillin’ It,” Swindell just seems to be awaiting the moment he can step out onto that 50-yard-line for a performance like none other in his career thanks to the help of the Buffalo Wild Wings sponsorship.

“Getting to play a little mash-up of a couple of my No. 1 hits and hopefully going to get everybody fired up. They’re already going to be fired up enough for a game like this, so the fact that I get to do something I love on stage while watching another thing I wish I could do, like play football, you know it’s just an honor to be a part of an event like this. New Year’s Eve, that’s huge. So it’s a big honor.”

The Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl will be played and aired live on New Year’s Eve, with Swindell performing the halftime show during the game. Fans can tune into the game on that day at 11 a.m. ET to see the LSU Tigers play against the Louisville Cardinals on ABC.