Preview Maddie and Jonah’s Pop-Infused Duet, ‘Will You Feel the Same,’ From ‘Nashville’

Maddie Conrad (Lennon Stella) mixes business with pleasure by recording a duet with Jonah called "Will You Feel the Same" while getting their flirt on in this week's episode of Nashville.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Preview Maddie and Jonah’s Pop-Infused Duet, ‘Will You Feel the Same,’ From ‘Nashville’
Lennon Stella and Nic Luken on Nashville; Photo via YouTube

Maddie Conrad (Lennon Stella) may be crossing over even further in both the pop industry and in her romantic life after rocking out a new duet with potential love interest Jonah (Nic Luken) on the latest episode of Nashville.

In a clip premiering exclusively on Sounds Like Nashville ahead of Thursday night’s (1/18) episode, Maddie continues to navigate the waters in both her personal and professional life, which takes her into the studio with Jonah, who happens to be a boy and a friend but not a full-on boyfriend just yet. Flirting subtly in between recording takes, the two seem to spark some sort of chemistry while also creating beautiful harmonies with one another on Jonah’s latest track, “Will You Feel the Same.”

Jonah hopes to develop a record even more meaningful than his last, causing frustration between his production team and his vision. After hearing a different mix on the soundtrack though, Jonah and Maddie both vibe along with the laidback tune as they put their vocals down for a smooth collaboration.

The song written specifically for this episode of Nashville came to life thanks to Matt McVaney and Tony McVaney. With techno beats and a futuristic guitar sample leading the track, Maddie and Jonah use the lyrics to play around with their feelings toward one another. Alluding back to the whole concept of “Will You Feel the Same” as a blank statement, the two somewhat rely on that phrase to admit their truths to each other.

Although Nashies will have to wait until the episode to see what ensues following the tease-worthy music session between Maddie and Jonah, they can listen to “Will You Feel the Same” on Spotify and other streaming services now.

New episodes of Nashville air on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. EST on CMT. “Will You Feel The Same” is available on iTunes and Spotify.