First Look: Rachel Reinert Talks ‘Into The Blue,’ Debuts Track List

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First Look: Rachel Reinert Talks ‘Into The Blue,’ Debuts Track List
Rachel Reinert; Photo credit: Susan Berry

Rachel Reinert’s new album Into The Blue is slated for release on March 13. The project, which is Reinert’s first solo offering since her departure from Gloriana in 2016, features 11 tracks, all of which were co-written by the singer. She gave a first look at what to expect from the album and shared the track list exclusively with Sounds Like Nashville.

“These are all my stories, they’re all my truth, and a lot of these were just me reflecting back on certain situations, wanting to write about them, and just feeling really great about them and feeling like the message behind them is really strong,” Reinert says. “Ultimately, as you get towards the end of the record, it’s not about being preachy, but it’s about having this whole new understanding that everything happens for a reason. Everything works out the way that it’s supposed to.”

Rachel Reinert; Photo credit: Susan Berry
Rachel Reinert; Photo credit: Susan Berry

Much of the album was inspired by the past four years of Reinert’s life, including the challenges she faced on her road to becoming a solo artist. She admits that the journey took a bit longer than she expected and some sacrifices had to be made. The songs on the record allude to these challenges while also bringing along a sense of gratitude.

Among these songs is the second track, “Dark Star,” which was written during an uncertain time for Reinert. She lays out exactly what she was feeling during that time with the lyrics, “I get afraid I’ll be forgotten, already had my chance and lost it for good.” The tune still sends a positive message, however, as she realizes she has so much more to share.

“The encouraging message behind it, ultimately, was that within the midst of all that darkness, I still knew that I had this light within me that people just hadn’t seen yet,” she says. “So, it’s kind of this comforting message that I almost needed to write for myself.”

The album also features songs inspired by another important thing in her life: her relationship with now-husband, Caleb Crosby. The heartfelt “Some Kind Of Angel” was the first song Reinert wrote about her husband and the cinematic “Ocean” paints a picture of a love that will never end.

“It’s ultimately about whatever we go through, whether it be good times, or hard times, or bad, or whatever, it’s about being in it together and going through all the changing tides together,” Reinert says of “Ocean.”

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At the end of the album, Reinert again leans into the theme of self-discovery and reflection with the last track, “Light Years.” This song finds Reinert making peace with the good and the bad and settling into a mindset of contentment.

“[It’s about] letting go of the past and really looking forward to the future and the present, and just being in the moment and being happy for what’s happening and what’s to come,” she says. “It’s a lot of inner dialogue throughout the record, but also just reflecting back on memories and looking at everything as this big complete picture — that if all of these things hadn’t happened, it wouldn’t have brought you to this point now.”

Pre-save “Some Kind of Angel,” the first single from Into the Blue, now.

Courtesy of Rachel Reinert

Into The Blue track list:

  1. “Cool” — Rachel Reinert, Melissa Fuller, Davis Naish
  2. “Dark Star” — Rachel Reinert, Joe Pisapia, K.S. Rhoads
  3. “Secret” — Rachel Reinert, Melissa Fuller, Davis Naish
  4. “Here” — Rachel Reinert, Davis Nash, Tommy Lee James
  5. “Kiss on the Cheek” — Rachel Reinert, Melissa Fuller, Davis Naish
  6. “Some Kind of Angel” — Rachel Reinert, Davis Naish, Autumn McEntire
  7. “All We Have” — Rachel Reinert, Melissa Fuller, Davis Naish
  8. “King of Hearts” — Rachel Reinert, Melissa Fuller, Davis Naish
  9. “Who I Am Right Now” — Rachel Reinert, Garrison Starr, Davis Naish
  10. “Ocean” — Rachel Reinert, Davis Naish, Tommy Lee James
  11. “Light Years” — Rachel Reinert, Davis Naish, Rosi Golan