RaeLynn’s Service Dog, Jazz, Has Cancer

RaeLynn is calling on her prayer warriors for some extra thoughts for her service dog, Jazz, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Written by Lauren Laffer
RaeLynn’s Service Dog, Jazz, Has Cancer
RaeLynn; Photo via Instagram

Prayers are needed for RaeLynn as her service dog, Jazz, battles cancer. The Texas native shared the German Shepherd’s diagnosis on Instagram, while asking her followers for their hopeful thoughts.

“Asking all of you to pray for my Jazz. He got diagnosed with Cancer 2 weeks ago. We removed it but it’s growing pretty fast. I’m praying for a complete healing in his body. He brings so much joy to me and Joshs life. I am beyond sad but I truly believe in miracles,” she wrote with the photo of her pup snuggled up close.

Jazz has been an integral part of RaeLynn’s everyday life, and he’s more than just a normal dog. The canine is her service animal, alerting her to her blood sugar levels if they get too low.

“It’s cool to know that a dog is so loyal to you. He is loyal to another level. He never lets me out of sight,” RaeLynn, who has Type 1 Diabetes, admitted.

Since joining her family, Jazz has been seen scattered throughout RaeLynn’s social media channels, even embracing her chihuahua, Dolly.

“He adores her!” she shared. “She picks and chooses when she adores him. If she growls at him, he will get off his bed and let her have it.”

No word on Jazz’s next course of action.