RaeLynn: Style Profile

RaeLynn is always looking fresh and stylish, whether she's on tour or at home. What's her secret? Find out in this SLN Style Profile!

Written by Lauren Laffer
RaeLynn: Style Profile
RaeLynn; Photo courtesy Warner Music Nashville

Fans first met RaeLynn back in 2012 when she stepped out onto The Voice stage with a poofy dress and a big red flower in her hair. Since that time, the Texas native has grown as both a woman and country star, and has transformed her look to a more mature, edgy style.

Whether she’s rocking out on stage in front of thousands of fans, or kicking back for a night at home, RaeLynn always looks fresh and stylish. So what’s her secret? We caught up with her to find out!

Check out RaeLynn’s SLN Style Profile below…

What Is Her Beauty Routine: I am currently obsessed with Glam Glow, these face masks. I’ve been doing them at night a lot. And I love Rodan & Fields. That’s kind of like the stuff that I use on a regular basis. One thing that I could not live without being on the road is dry shampoo. I do not know what I would do without dry shampoo and just a classic lip gloss. I think that’s my jam.

Three Products She Can’t Live Without: Dry shampoo, lip gloss and eye lashes.

What Is The Best Beauty Advice She Ever Received: Wash your face every day. Wash your face and moisturize, SPF. That’s from my sister.

What Is Her Biggest Fashion Flub: I feel like I always leave my tags out, like on the back of my jackets. They’re always hanging out and that makes my stylist so mad.

Who Are Her Style Icons: Dolly Parton for sure. I love Dolly Parton and I also love Katy Perry. And the reasons why is I love how Katy’s always just very inventive. She always has really cool things that she’s trying out and she’s always doing something different. And Dolly, it’s just the more sparkles the better. I love it how she has just a stage look. She’s just so awesome.

How Her Style Has Evolved: When I first started, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I mean, I was from Texas so I was like… I loved Betsey Johnson dresses at the time, so I literally wore a Betsey Johnson dress or something like that, like a big, puffy cupcake dress, with a flower. I grew up with flowers and bows in my hair when I was a little girl. When it came to The Voice, I auditioned with a big cupcake dress and a flower and they were like, ‘okay that’s her style.’ I was like, ‘heck yeah, no one else is going to wear this.’ And that was just really my style for the longest time and I just got older and figured out what I liked. I figured out that I liked ‘oh these shorts look good on me, these jackets look cool, I like these boots, I’m gonna cut my hair like this, I don’t need all those extensions.’ I just started figuring out, finding myself and my style has changed so much over the years.

How She Describers Her Personal Style: I would describe it very edgy, but still very fashionable. I always say I want to look sexy-classy. I love stuff that’s a little on the sexy side, but I always want to be classy because I want to be a good example.

Fans can keep up with the RaeLynn via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Pick up a copy of her new album, WildHorse, now.