RaeLynn’s New Single, ‘Lonely Call,’ Was Inspired By Her Husband

RaeLynn released "Lonely Call" as her next single, but little did fans know that the song was actually inspired by her husband.

RaeLynn’s New Single, ‘Lonely Call,’ Was Inspired By Her Husband
RaeLynn and Josh Davis; Photo via Instagram

Fans expressed their excitement over RaeLynn releasing “Lonely Call” as her next single, but little did they know the sassy song sought inspiration from her husband during one of their off-periods in their relationship.

Although the country cutie admitted that she’s always admired her leading man, Josh Davis, since they started their relationship many years ago, she never wanted to become the desperate escape during their breaks. Tuning out the drama and throwing it all into a personal experience song like that of “Lonely Call,” RaeLynn looks back and laughs that the song stuck with her for so long despite living in her present married life.

“It’s funny, because I actually wrote this song about my husband. We dated when I was 18 for like, 10 months, and then we broke up for two years and got back together. So anyway, when we broke up, you know, when you first break up, you’re still so in love. I’ve never fallen out of love with Josh, let me rephrase that. You talk every day, so you have to get used to not being ‘together.’ So the first time he called me, and it was late and we weren’t dating anymore, I wanted to answer so bad. I think the first time I did, and then the next time he called again, I was like, I just can’t keep doing this. I can’t be his lonely call. I can’t do this,” RaeLynn explained to Sounds Like Nashville recently.

Like many songwriters, RaeLynn wasn’t afraid to express her emotions within the lyrics of the spirited track even if it happened to be about her future spouse. Noting that fans can now relate to the same experience she went through in “Lonely Call,” she understands how important that part of her relationship was in order to grow into the settled-down space she finds herself in now.

“I more wrote it for myself,” she revealed. “It was kind of like a self-talk. I was like, if I look at myself at the mirror, this is all the things I would say. I wrote it so long ago, and I guess since I’m just in a different head space now being married, and everything just totally comes back around, so hilarious…We listened to songs for my record and I was like, this song is still so great.”

“Lonely Call” is available to stream or download off of WildHorse now.