Raleigh Keegan Guest Post: My Adoption Story

Written by Raleigh Keegan
Raleigh Keegan Guest Post: My Adoption Story
Raleigh Keegan; Photo Credit: Sean McGee

To many, my story seems bleak, almost like a sad tragedy from a novel. For me, it was just my reality, one I didn’t choose and one I wouldn’t change. Being born in a prison hospital to a birth Mom who was incarcerated on drug charges wasn’t exactly a perfect scenario to start my life. But I was fortunate enough to be adopted 4 days after I was born by my Mom and Dad who raised me just north of Cincinnati.

Although I have had my ups and downs like everyone, I have lived an extremely blessed life. I played college football, graduated with honors, and am now a full-time Country artist in Nashville. This is because of 3 people – my birth Mom, my Mom, and my Dad. To my Birth Mom, I am so grateful. She made the selfless and brave choice to give me up so that I could have a better life. Without her, there wouldn’t be a me. To my parents who raised me, and sacrificed so much for me, I couldn’t be here without you.

November is Adoption Awareness Month, and I want my story to give hope to the many, many women who have reached out to me, who gave a child up for adoption because they wanted what was best for that child. Light can come from the dark, and love is greatest in our sacrifices. To those who are thinking of adopting, it has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. Whether through adoption or not, we should all strive to make a difference like my parents did in my life.

I celebrate this month because it’s my story, and it is the story of so many others. To me, it isn’t a tragedy at all, more like the tension in a good song that releases into a beautiful chorus. Without the winter, we wouldn’t care about the spring. 

Happy Adoption Awareness Month!