Randy Houser “Anything Goes” Review

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Randy Houser “Anything Goes” Review

We had the chance to review Randy Houser’s debut album, Anything Goes before it hits stores tomorrow. This cd has been playing in my car multiple times over the past week and I love it. Randy’s voice is so real and unique. Universal has a real up and coming star on their hands here.

I have something small to say about each song, so let’s go track by track.

The first track, “Boots On” is such a fun song- definitely one of my favorites on the album. His debut single, “Anything Goes” is awesome, but I already knew that- what a powerful song. It has shot up the charts and currently sits at #19 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart.

I really like “Back To God”- it’s another emotional, powerful song. When I first heard “Something Real,” I had to check the track number because theh beginning sounds JUST LIKE “Anything Goes.”

I totally feel like I’ve heard “My Kind Of Country” before. After listening to it multiple times, I finally figured it out- I think it sounds a lot like Keith Anderson’s “Pickin’ WIldflowers.” It’s not a bad song, but I just feel like it’s been done before.

I absolutely love “Strange.” It seriously makes me want to get up and dance. I can’t dance, I mean I really suck at dancing, but this song really makes me want to move!

“Lie” is hilarious! It tells the story of a man lying to a woman in a bar…too funny!

“Paycheck Man” has a common theme of working too hard for too little. It’s good, but not one the best on the album.

Vince Gill lends his vocals to “How Many Times.” It’s a very bluesy song…again, not one of my favorites.

Randy calls the final track “I’ll Sleep” the “most personal song” on the record. It’s about his late father. Nice song. It paints a pretty vivid picture in my head. I like that.

There really isn’t one song on the album that I don’t like. It’s great. I also love that he wrote or co-wrote 8 of the 11 tracks.

We’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more of Randy Houser- I can tell you that much.