Rascal Flatts Tour Is A Good Fit For Sara Evans

Rascal Flatts Tour Is A Good Fit For Sara Evans

Sara Evans is out on the road this summer opening dates on the Rascal Flatts tour. Being out with Gary, Joe Don, and Jay is a great fit for Sara as she feels their music compliments each other.

“Last fall, I did, like a three or four day run with them, of shows, and I think that’s sort of how this tour came about,” Sara recently said. “I do think it’s a perfect match. I mean, Gary and I actually kind of have similar type voices, and our music goes together great. I absolutely love Rascal Flatts. I love their music.”

Though their music may compliment each other, Sara knows one thing that she does not have in common with the men of Rascal Flatts… their hair care routine! Gary, Joe Don, and Jay definitely have Sara beat in that department!

“I know that I don’t use as much hair care product as they do, because my hair is just long and straight, and that’s all I do, and I’m very, very low maintenance,” she revealed. “I don’t even like to let my hair girl curl my hair, ’cause I just…I don’t like all the big fluff. I think less is more… But I know where to go if I need hair spray or gel!”

Sara will be performing on the Rascal Flatts tour throughout the next couple of months. A full list of dates can be found on her website.