Reba Kept the Colonel Sanders Costume From Her KFC Commercials

The singer joked that every time she saw herself in the mirror as the Colonel, she somewhat jumped back in fright and shock over the new look.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Reba Kept the Colonel Sanders Costume From Her KFC Commercials
Reba; Photo Courtesy of Big Machine Label Group

It seems like Reba may have her Halloween costume locked down for this year, as she got to take home her outfit from playing KFC’s Colonel Sanders for a recent set of commercials.

The country legend and ACM nominee sat down with Rachael Ray during a taping of Rachael, in which she discussed the exhaustive work that went into making her into the fried chicken icon. No matter how many times she saw herself in the get-up, though, it continued to freak her out once her signature red locks were covered up in a gray toupee.

“The transformation took forever,” Reba told Ray on the show. “They did a great job on me. I was walking around in the trailer waiting for them to come get me to do my part. I would look at my script and I’d go back in and go, ‘Oh, that’s me!’ It’s so weird!”

Despite getting a tad wigged out over her complete cover-up, Reba did reveal that KFC was letting her keep her Colonel ensemble. Her only issue in the re-creation, though, will come with the hair portions of the character since she hasn’t mastered the facial scruff quite yet.

“But I don’t know if I can duplicate the hair. I think they’re going to give me the mustache and the goatee,” she joked.

When Ray raved over Reba’s incredible acting skills in the predominantly male part, the country singer said it was a “huge compliment” when people told her she rocked the role better than others before her.

Reba will take on the role of ACM host at the upcoming 53rd Annual ACM Awards, airing live on Sunday, April 15, at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.