Conway Twitty’s Grandson Thanks Reba For Generous Act of Kindness

Reba is just incredible...

Written by Lauren Laffer
Conway Twitty’s Grandson Thanks Reba For Generous Act of Kindness
Reba McEntire and Tre Twitty; Photo via Twitty and Lynn on Facebook

As if you needed another reason to love Reba McEntire – well, we’ve got one more. Conway Twitty’s grandson recently met up with the icon and decided to share a decades long story about an act of kindness the “Fancy” singer bestowed upon their family.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Sept. 23, Tre Twitty of Twitty and Lynn (a duo he founded with Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter, Tayla) remarked that he’s waited nearly 26 years to thank the country icon for her thoughtfulness during a difficult time.

“I’m publicly telling this story because she is far too classy and modest to ever mention it,” begins Tre. “On June 4th 1993 my grandfather Conway Twitty collapsed on his bus in Branson, Missouri. He had to be rushed to the hospital in Springfield, Missouri. His children Joni, Kathy, Jimmy & Michael were all back at Twitty City, just outside of Nashville. They were all notified that Poppy was in bad shape and that they needed to get there fast. Joni, Kathy, and Jimmy immediately starting driving to get there as fast as possible.”

Tre continues, writing that his father Michael called the “Fancy” singer in the middle of the night. It was then that Reba offered up her personal aircraft to allow Michael to get to his father’s bedside as quickly as possible.

“Reba said ‘Go to the airport, my plane is waiting, take it as long as you need it. I’ll call my pilot now.’ My dad went and got on Reba’s plane and flew to Springfield. They all got there and got their chances to say their goodbyes before Poppy passed on the morning of June 5th. Later that day they all flew back to Nashville on Reba’s plane, their world forever changed.”

He adds, “A couple of days later, my dad phoned Reba and asked how much they owed her for the plane rental. Reba said ‘Your daddy took me on tour and gave me $5,000 a night when I wasn’t worth $500, you don’t owe me anything. I loved him.'”

Tre’s message closes with a well known fact about the iconic genre.

“Country Music is all about family. Thank you Reba for being there for mine.”

The Twitty and Lynn namesakes will continue to make their mark on country music with the duo performing for several more scheduled dates this year. Follow along with them on Facebook for more information.