Reba Encourages Fans to ‘Pray For Peace’

Written by Lauren Laffer
Reba Encourages Fans to ‘Pray For Peace’

Reba recently released a new song and music video entitled “Pray For Peace.” The iconic entertainer enlisted fans and several of her superstar friends to help with the uplifting song and video.

The moving track also features vocals from Ronnie Dunn, Kelly Clarkson and newcomer Caroline Kole. “I was with her if Africa when she sang with some village locals. Pretty powerful,” Dunn wrote about his pal’s new song on Facebook. “No record label knew what to do with it … so, she made it an online thing.”

Other country artists, including Keith Urban, Amy Grant and Jamie Lynn Spears have joined the movement to spread the message of peace.


Fans can download the track for free at