Reba McEntire and Melissa Peterman Reprise ‘Reba’ Roles For Social Media Video

We miss this show!!

Reba McEntire and Melissa Peterman Reprise ‘Reba’ Roles For Social Media Video
HOLLYWOOD - JUNE 22: Actress Melissa Peterman and singer and Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame inductee Reba McEntire backstage at the Hollywood Bowl Opening Night Gala on June 22, 2012 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Mathew Imaging/WireImage)

Reba McEntire and actress Melissa Peterman reprised their roles from TV’s Reba for a humorous social media video showing how the characters would have reacted to social distancing. Reba, of course, played a quick-witted single mom, and Peterman played Barbra Jean, Reba’s aloof neighbor who also happens to be married to Reba’s dentist ex-husband. The video begins with Barbra Jean sending a video message to Reba while locked in a closet avoiding her husband, Brock, and son, Henry. Although it’s been a shocking 13 years since the show wrapped filming, Melissa Peterman still seems to be able to tap into Barbra Jean’s exact facial expressions and personality.

“They have painted a giant checkerboard on the living room floor, and then they’re using frozen pizzas as checkers,” says Peterman, in character. “I had to trade in all my beanie babies for toilet paper. And every day I’ve started turning the clocks back like 15 minutes so I can start drinking earlier!”

Barbra Jean then mentions how sad she is that she can’t go over to Reba’s house to see her “very best friend,” a relationship that Reba didn’t always reciprocate towards Barbra Jean in the show.

Reba then hops on in character, talking in hushed tones because the kids won’t stop asking her to play games with them and she’s “sick of it.” She then says, that in these tough times, Barbra Jean might even be “a welcome visitor.”

Barbra Jean then video chats Reba back telling her to stay strong, and then in true Barbra Jean fashion, yells, “I’m coming!” to her family.

Peterman posted the video on Thursday, writing, “It had to happen.” Reba also reposted the clip on her socials. The video not only gives fans of Reba a welcome throwback to the sitcom, but it truly shows what so many of us are going through during this time of quarantine.