Recap: “Twitter-View” With Whitney Duncan

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Recap: “Twitter-View” With Whitney Duncan

Whitney Duncan

We had the opportunity to do a live “Twitter-View” (interview via with rising country star Whitney Duncan last night. Here’s a recap in case you missed it!

CMIL: Hi! Thanks for joining us for a “Twitter-View” tonight! Let us know when you’re ready to get started.

Whitney Duncan: I am ready!!

CMIL: So…how many times have your fans asked you to go “Skinny Dippin'”?

Whitney Duncan: Pretty often ha That’s ok tho, I know they’re kidding 🙂

CMIL: Any news on the release of an album? Fans are eager to know- we’ve gotten quite a few emails asking us about it.

Whitney Duncan: Early 2010 is all I know 🙂 can’t wait!!!! So excited for all to hear.

CMIL: Fans are definitely excited for it! Are you a songwriter? What do you enjoy about the songwriting process?

Whitney Duncan: I co-wrote my whole record. My fave part is when I go back to listen to a song I wrote and think it’s good-not always the case

CMIL: @grace413 wants to know if you’ve picked out an outfit for your Grand Ole Opry debut this weekend…Are you excited?!

Whitney Duncan: I just took the outfit to get altered. I’m having a dress cut off to a shirt & Jimmy Choo heels & black pants…So excited!

CMIL: Cute! Are you nervous at all? That’s a HUGE moment in your career. If so, how do you plan to calm your nerves?

Whitney Duncan: I’m not nervous yet, but I prob will be that night. I will pray. 🙂 my whole family will be there including grandparents.

CMIL: They better bring their tissues! Good luck, we know you’ll do great! A Chicago radio station recently asked @lukebryanonline who the hottest female country singers are & your name came up… Who would you say is the hottest country male artist?

Whitney Duncan: Well that’s awful nice of him:) It’s hard to pick 1…they r all sooo cute, including Luke Bryan, Love And Theft, Keith Urban

CMIL: We agree, too tough to pick just one! There are a lot of cute young blondes like yourself trying to make it in this industry. How do you set yourself apart?

Whitney Duncan: There definitely are! I think my music & my voice set me apart. Not saying it’s better but it doesn’t sound like anyone else. Plus I’ve been in Nashville pursuing this for 10 years. I work hard & will continue to do so. & Im a songwriter.

CMIL: Speaking of 10 years, @08edicesare wants to know where u see yourself 10 years from NOW?

Whitney Duncan: Hopefully Playing for big audiences & writing music. Family & kids one day (but not in next 5 yrs)

CMIL: @LyzzleG wants to know: What was the first thing you splurged on after you got your first big paycheck?

Whitney Duncan: Funny…I’m still waitin on that first big paycheck, ha! When I splurge it will be on boots & purses… & I want a Challenger.

CMIL: What’s your fav. TV show?

Whitney Duncan: I love Brothers & Sisters right now. Bachelorette & Bachelor. Leverage. Gossip Girl. The Tudors.

CMIL: I remember you tweeting about “The Bachelorette.” They’re announcing the new “Bachelor” tomorrow on Dancing With The Stars. Who would you like to see as the new “Bachelor?”… Jake, Kiptyn, or Reid??

Whitney Duncan: Reid was my favorite on the show. I think they’d all make good Bachelors tho:)

CMIL: I know you’ve got a sweet tooth- What’s your fav. flavor of ice cream?

Whitney Duncan: I love Chocolate & Caramel!!! If I could crunch up a Twix bar into Cake batter ice cream, that would be the perfect flavor:)

CMIL: Thanks so much for your time- We really enjoyed it!! Have fun at your Opry debut! We’re excited for you!

Whitney Duncan: Love u!!! Thanks! That was a fun Twitterview!

For more information on Whitney and her music, check out her official website & be sure to follow her on Twitter. Check back to CountryMusicIsLove soon for your chance to win a Whitney Duncan “Skinny Dippin'” prize pack!