Recession Fuels Country Music Songwriting

Recession Fuels Country Music Songwriting

John Rich

We came across a great article that pointed out how country music is the only genre of music that is recognizing the tough times our country is in. While the pop, rock, and R&B stations are playing the “party” songs, country music stations are playing songs like John Rich’s “Shuttin’ Detroit Down” and Hank Williams Jr.’s “Red White and Pink Slip Blues,” songs that tell the stories of people who are hurting the most…the common man.

John Rich said, “Our radio stations, our artists, our songwriters – we are allowed to talk about anything we want to,” he said. “Country can talk about things that other stations won’t talk about because they (other stations) say, ‘My audience doesn’t want to hear anything but party music,’ or ‘They don’t want to hear anything that rocks too hard.’ Country music doesn’t have that. It’s rock to party to patriotic to ‘Shuttin’ Detroit Down.'”

Phil Vassar sums it up perfectly, “I always like to brag on country music because I think it’s such a lyric-driven genre,” Vassar said. “It’s real. Not that pop and rock can’t be, or even rap. They talk about issues, too. But there’s something about country; it’s simply put.”

That’s why we love country music, it’s the voice of America! There’s a song for everything!

Click HERE to check out the entire article. It’s a good read.