Recession – What Recession?!

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Recession – What Recession?!

Christmas came a little early this year for country mega-star Kenny Chesney when his 2009 show at New England’s Gilette Stadium sold out on Saturday in less than 10 minutes. The roughly 60,000 ticket sell-out happened in a record amount of time for an NFL stadium for one of Chesney’s shows.

This sell-out is a great feat in itself, but given the current economic situation, the major accomplishment was not at all lost on Chesney himself. Kenny said “It’s a little crazy, especially with the economy the way it is. But I think people know…and what we’ve always been about…is getting the fans away from their problems for a few hours. We can’t necessarily fix what’s wrong, but we can try to make sure that for a few hours, you forget about it. And in times like these, that’s a pretty big deal for a lotta people ’cause everybody needs a little break.”

As far as why he continues to sell-out stadiums summer after summer, Kenny says “Growing up, there were acts you just had to see ’cause you knew they were gonna rock…and your friends were gonna be there…and you’d sing all the songs, laugh and high-five each other. It was everything summer was…and I think that’s the experience I was always trying to create for people, ever since I started headlining in the clubs. So, this is the best Christmas present I could have.”

So do we have any New England readers who are heading to the show? We’ll be there – let us know if you will be too!