Mix It Up With Drake White’s Favorite Summer Libations

White fancies the lighter cocktails during the summer months to keep his relaxing time as chill as possible.

Mix It Up With Drake White’s Favorite Summer Libations
Drake White; Photo Credit: Andy Sapp

No need to hire a bartender to mix up some summer cocktails for your next outdoor party because Drake White detailed his top three drinks to cool down during the warmer weather.

While hanging out at Chicago’s Country Lakeshake Festival, White revealed what he sips on for a refreshing moment of relaxation when he gets the chance. Noting he’s more of a hard liquor man than one to reach for a beer or wine glass, he expressed his love of all drinks filled with vodka, gin, tequila and the like.

Keeping things lighter than a stout or Black Label, the country singer inspired Sounds Like Nashville to create a recipe list for fans to recreate at their afternoon soirees of the summer. While White grabs the credit of mixology for his selections, SLN is letting you know how to serve up some of his favorite libations of the season.

Check out White’s three favorite summer cocktail recipes and feel free to enjoy your own variations on the recipes below! And remember, shaking and stirring matter when it comes to the perfect drink on the rocks.

  1. White’s Drink of Choice

“My favorite summer drink is Tito’s Vodka, water, and a lime. It’s really light, it gets the job done.”


1 oz. Tito’s Vodka

1 oz. lime juice, squeezed

3 oz. still water

Ice, to chill drink

1 lime slice, optional

Stir together all the liquids and serve over ice in a tall glass. Garnish the rim with a lime kick by adding a slice for decoration.

  1. G & T


2 oz. gin of choice

1-2 lime wedges

3-4 oz. tonic water

Ice, if needed

Pour gin into chilled glass filled with ice and squeeze lime juice until it reaches desired tartness. Add the tonic water for a bubbly taste.

  1. Greyhound


2 oz. vodka of choice

4 oz. grapefruit juice

3 ice cubes

Shake vodka and grapefruit juice together before pouring over ice in a designated cocktail glass. For the ‘Salty Dog’ effect, add a salted rim to the cup.

Fans can keep up with Drake White as he spends the summer touring the country, playing numerous festivals from coast to coast. Visit White’s website for more information.