Resolutions Just Aren’t For ‘Sleep Without You’ Singer Brett Young

While many people promise to do better in the next year, Brett Young avoids resolutions and chooses to do things he won't have to give up.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Resolutions Just Aren’t For ‘Sleep Without You’ Singer Brett Young
Brett Young; Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Go to the gym. Eat healthier. Read more. Learn a new language. There are plenty of goals people set at the start of every year, but eventually dismiss as they stick to past habits. For Brett Young, not making a resolution is his solution to avoiding disappointing himself with a goal he doesn’t stick to.

“You know, I don’t know why I’ve never that’s never really been a thing for me,” he explained. “I feel like I try to keep myself from doing anything all year round that would make me feel guilty enough to have to quit it on the 1st anyways. But I do like the idea of the beginning of the year being the opportunity for a fresh start if you ever need that, and I have a lot of friends that do really lean on New Year’s resolutions. And so no, it’s never really been a thing for me, but I guess I get it.”

While he may not set any specific resolutions for 2017, Young does have several exciting plans early into the new year. Not only will he release his self-titled debut album in February, but he’ll also follow-up his No.1 single “Sleep Without You” with another track, “In Case You Didn’t Know.” The California native will also head down south for the 2017 Tortuga Music Festival in early April.

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