Review: Sugarland “Live On The Inside”

Review: Sugarland “Live On The Inside”


Sugarland released Live On The Inside, a live CD/DVD yesterday, August 4. If you watched Sugarland’s “Live On The Inside” special on ABC on Monday night, you got a pretty good taste of what you’re in for on the Live On The Inside DVD.

The DVD is an extended version of what you saw on ABC (16 tracks!) I prefer the extended version because it showcases some of Sugarland’s biggest hits including, “Settlin’,” “Baby Girl,” “All I Want To Do,” “Want To,” and “Already Gone,” (among others).

As producers, the duo did a great job at bringing the Sugarland concert experience to life on the DVD. I saw this tour back in November and the DVD definitely brings back memories from that night. The best part is, with the new DVD, you can relive the experience over and over again from the best seat in the house- your couch! The DVD was also shot and edited beautifully. It’s almost better than being at a real show; you can watch from angles that you would never see from your seat at a concert.

Jennifer and Kristian got creative with the 10 track CD and I’m really digging it. Instead of putting all of Sugarland’s hits on the album, they included four of their songs and added six of their favorite cover songs to the CD. I don’t like it when artists release a live album that has the same old songs on it (I’m sure others feel the same way), so it’s a really good move on their part. The CD includes covers of the B-52s “Love Shack,” Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable,” and others.

If you’re a Sugarland fan, this is a must-have for your collection.

The CD/DVD combo is available exclusively at WalMart stores across the country.