Get ‘Caught Up in The Country’ With Rodney Atkins’ New Music Video

Atkins' traveled hundreds of miles to showcase how close the country community can be.

Written by Hannah Rines
Get ‘Caught Up in The Country’ With Rodney Atkins’ New Music Video
Rodney Atkins; Courtesy Curb Records

Country life doesn’t just revolve around Nashville. Across this country, from the South, Midwest, West or East Coast, people everywhere, no matter where they live or what their daily life looks like, can connect through their roots, traditions and music, and get “Caught Up in The Country.”

Rodney Atkins’ new music video for the lead single off his forthcoming fifth studio album, “Caught Up in The Country,” featuring the Fisk Jubilee Singers, takes fans across six states connecting the sky and the ground for a full outdoors country spirit. We travel from the shores of Washington to the salt flats of Utah and all the way to the rolling fields of Tennessee. The video also highlights shots from Idaho, Montana and Oregon.

“This song talks about the spirit of being ‘country’ which, to me, really means being outdoors,” explains Atkins.” “I always point to that saying about how some people go to church and think about fishing, while others go fishing and think about God. That idea of connecting the sky and the ground is really the core of what getting ‘Caught Up In The Country’ is about – being outside with your family, looking at the stars in the sky, driving down a back road – and we got to capture all of that in this video.”

In the clip, Atkins embarks on this cross-country journey in a horse drawn carriage. But instead of a horse he’s being pulled by a John Deere Tractor driven by his wife, Rose Falcon Atkins, and his carriage looks more like the frame of an old, small farm porch. It’s a cute and clever idea when you think about it, Atkins is singing about common trials and triumphs the country community shares amongst itself and the porch being pulled symbolizes that you can travel coast to coast and still find ways to get caught up in the country.

He gathers diverse followers along the way, resulting in a triumphant concert celebration of the song which has collected more than 40 million on-demand streams and is currently Top 40 and climbing at radio.

You can watch Atkins’ new video above or stream all his music on Spotify.