Rodney Atkins Reveals Wife’s Pregnancy in ‘My Life’ Lyric Video

What a sweet announcement!

Written by Lauren Laffer
Rodney Atkins Reveals Wife’s Pregnancy in ‘My Life’ Lyric Video
Rodney Atkins and Rose Falcon; Photo courtesy of CMA

Rodney Atkins’ new lyric video is about family in every sense of the word. Inspired by a note written by his wife Rose Falcon’s grandmother, “My Life” gives a look at a love that was more than seven decades long.

“My wife Rose’s grandparents were married for 71 years. That’s the kind of live she has always said she wants. I could always relate to her grandma because she started out as a surrendered orphan just like I did. Her grandpa said it was his life’s mission to make sure she had a better life than her beginning was,” reads a note at the start of the clip.

“Before her grandma passed away, she couldn’t speak so she scribbled little nots that said things like ‘water’ and ‘hot’ or ‘cold.’ The last note she wrote for Rose’s grandpa said, ‘I loved my life,’” it continued. “He said, ‘Thank you baby. I did my job. You just made my life. You can go now. I’ll see you soon.’ This song is inspired by that note. It’s a true story… It’s my life.”

As the note disappears, photos of the couple flash across the screen in between the moving lyrics from the song. Intermixed with pictures of her grandparents are those of Atkins with Falcon and the life they’ve built together since they wed in 2013.

Because of its deeply personal connection to their family, the couple shared some special news as the three-minute clip came to a close. In a photo with Atkins eldest son Elijah and the couple’s youngest Ryder, the brothers reveal that a new addition is coming to the Atkins family.


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Have a little something up my sleeve. Y’all come on back tomorrow morning!

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The sweet photo pops up just at the end of the music video where a sonogram of the growing baby is front and center with its proud brothers posed behind.

“My Life” is one of the newest songs from Atkins and will be featured on his upcoming album, Caught Up In The Country. The record is set for release on May 10, but fans can pre-order it now and get an instant download of the new song and the title track.