Ronnie Dunn Expecting First Grandchild

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Ronnie Dunn Expecting First Grandchild

Ronnie Dunn has a lot to be thankful for this season, both personally and professionally. The superstar recently revealed that he has yet another reason to be thankful for on the way…

“There’s always somethin’ to be thankful for, we find,” Dunn says. “Our kids come into town. My son is a teacher in Sacramento. They…he and his wife — I can’t say the word — it’s our first child that one of our kids has had. What do you call that word? [laughs] I can’t get it to come out yet.”

The word Dunn is looking for is grandchild.

“Anyway, they have a baby due,” he continues. “Found out it’s a boy. And, so, I’m gonna be a granddad. I got it out. I gotta go to therapy now,” he laughed.

Congratulations to Ronnie and his family!