Ronnie Dunn Releases Album Cover & Track Listing

Ronnie Dunn Releases Album Cover & Track Listing

As Ronnie Dunn continues to soar on the airwaves with “Bleed Red,” the smash first single from his upcoming solo debut album, Dunn has revealed the full track listing and cover art for Ronnie Dunn, set for release on June 7.

Fans have also been enjoying their first look at Dunn's music video for “Bleed Red,” which premiered Friday on CMT,, and CMT Pure as part of the network's Big New Music Weekend. With a special introduction by Dunn, “Bleed Red” was one of six world premiere videos airing as the only videos featured on CMT throughout the April 22-24 weekend music hours.

Beginning tomorrow, April 26, the video for “Bleed Red” will also be released for purchase as a digital download.

Fans can pre-order Dunn's upcoming album online now at

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Ronnie Dunn track listing:

1. Singer in a Cowboy Band
(Ronnie Dunn/Craig Wiseman)

2. I Don't Dance
(Ronnie Dunn/David Lee Murphy/Craig Wiseman)

3. Your Kind of Love
(Maile Misajon/Jeremy Stover)

4. How Far to Waco
(Ronnie Dunn/Terry McBride)

5. Once
(Jamie Floyd/Philip LaRue/Peter Sallis)

6. Cost of Livin'
(Phillip Coleman/Ronnie Dunn)

7. Bleed Red
(Andrew Dorff/Tommy Lee James)

8. Last Love I’m Tryin'
(Ronnie Dunn)

9. Let the Cowboy Rock
(Ronnie Dunn/Dallas Davidson)

10. I Can't Help Myself
(Ronnie Dunn/Terry McBride)

11. I Just Get Lonely
(Ronnie Dunn)

12. Love Owes Me One
(Ronnie Dunn/Terry McBride/Bobby Pinson)