Ronnie Dunn Shares Mother’s Adorable Reaction to ‘Damn Drunk’

"Listen to her response at the end. I'll get it right sooner or later. I'll keep tryin'" he wrote of her response.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Ronnie Dunn Shares Mother’s Adorable Reaction to ‘Damn Drunk’
Cover Art Courtesy of Big Machine Label Group

Ronnie Dunn is back at country radio with his brand new single, “Damn Drunk,” featuring his Brooks & Dunn partner Kix Brooks. The track dropped last Friday and has friends excited for a song reminiscent of Brooks & Dunn past.

Unfortunately for Dunn, however, there was one fan he didn’t impress… his mother Gladys.

In an adorable video posted to Facebook, the legendary vocalist prefaced the clip by saying, “this is my sweet mother. She’s 88 and not feeling so well. My sister and her husband played DAMN DRUNK, the new song for her this morning. I went to ‘religious school’ for her. Listen to her response at the end. I’ll get it right sooner or later. I’ll keep tryin’ RD.”

In the clip that’s garnered over 110k views since Saturday, fans can hear Dunn’s mother express her disappointment in what she thinks the song is about.

“I said, I thought he could find something better to write about,” she says to her daughter and son-in-law.

“Mom, it’s what he was saying. If she was whiskey, he loves her that much then he would be a damn drunk,” Dunn’s sister explains. “He’s not meaning he’s a drunk.”

While Dunn’s mom wasn’t an immediate fan, the singer admits that the song had him from the very start.

“This is one of those tunes that I immediately gravitated to. I listened to hundreds of songs while writing a few myself,” he explained in part. “Witnessing a song do that is magic. It is one of the most gratifying dynamics of music for me. Thanks to Kix, my long time compadre in crime, for joining in on the fun.”

Watch the adorable clip above!