Rory Feek Remembers His Favorite Valentine’s Day with Late Wife, Joey

"I guess if there was a special Valentine's Day, it would have been last year – a thousand times over," Feek shares. 

Written by Chuck Dauphin
Rory Feek Remembers His Favorite Valentine’s Day with Late Wife, Joey
Joey+Rory; Photo via This Life I Live

Rory Feek releases his first ever book on February 14, titled This Life I Live: One Man’s Extraordinary, Ordinary Life and the Woman Who Changed It Forever. The book details his life before and after meeting Joey Martin Feek, as well as her fight against cancer.

The couple is perhaps the best example of the marital term “Two Become One.” That was evident from the start of their duet career together, with the way they were billed being an example. It was not Joey & Rory, nor Joey + Rory. Rather, there was no space between their names and the plus sign. “There was a reason for it,” stressed Feek to Sounds Like Nashville. “This was before anyone was using the + sign. We were one. It was a logo. It was us together – it was one thing.”

With the book being released on Valentine’s Day, we couldn’t help but ask the singer about his favorite holiday with his wife. “We had so many great Valentine’s [Days] together,” he says. “My wife was a country girl, but to the very end, her favorite food was sushi. We would go have sushi for dinner on Valentine’s Day. It was her day. It was about whatever she wanted. We had many wonderful meals, and times together. Most of our favorite times were the very simple ones.”

…happy Valentine’s Day my love

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Feek says that it’s hard to single out one year above the others, but 2016 was very special, a fact of which he was recently reminded. “I opened the drawer the other day, and I found some cards that Joey had written to our two older daughters. They were both Valentine’s Day cards. She never got to send the cards to them, but she had me take a picture of them, and we texted it to them that day. That happened, and I never thought about it again. I just read the cards a few weeks ago before I gave them to the girls. It just reminded me of how amazing Valentine’s Day was – our baby was about to turn two, my wife was still with us, and we had her favorite meal – sushi – that night. We had a little date in the bedroom. The words she wrote to our daughters were beautiful and heartbreaking. ‘I won’t be here for any more Valentine’s Days, and this is all that I’m going to have.’ I guess if there was a special Valentine’s Day, it would have been last year – a thousand times over.”

Feek’s book is available for purchase HERE.