Natalie Stovall Joins Runaway June After Hannah Mulholland’s Exit

Such exciting news! 

Natalie Stovall Joins Runaway June After Hannah Mulholland’s Exit
Runaway June; Photo credit: CeCe Dawson

Runaway June is maintaining its trio status as the multi-talented Natalie Stovall has joined the band. Just one day after announcing that founding member Hannah Mulholland would be exiting the group to pursue other creative endeavors, the group shared that Stovall would be stepping into her shoes.

“Let the adventure begin!!! ❤️💫 I am SO excited to finally let y’all in on what’s been going on!!! I am joining Runaway June!!! Y’all know I always keep you on your toes 😜 I think all of our lives looked a little different just a couple of months ago. But this has been one of the easiest and most obvious choices I’ve made thus far in my music journey,” Stovall shared on Instagram. “I LOVE making music in band setting and I’m so excited to get to create and perform and spread joy with @runawayjuneofficial !!! As soon as we can, we will be out there on the road coming your way. And in the meantime, we will be creating music for you to hear! Much love.”

The newly formed trio spoke about the change in an interview with Bobby Bones early Friday morning (5/15). The radio and TV host asked remaining members Naomi Cooke and Jennifer Wayne about their decision to fill the spot and if they’d ever considered becoming a duo instead.

“Naomi and I did. We talked about being a duo and talked about what that meant and we just really love the three-part harmony,” explained Wayne. “When we talked about adding a member, if we were going to add a member, we were like the literal only person that we could ever see taking this part is Natalie because she’s an amazing singer. She’s a musician. Her presence on stage is insane, and so we thought about being a duo or having someone that makes us better, and it was a no brainer.”

The group went on to talk about Stovall’s past, first coming to the Bobby Bones Show with Wayne, who worked at a record label at the time. Wayne had brought Stovall in as an artist to perform on the syndicated show years prior and found the moment to be full circle. She also spent several years performing with Bones as part of The Raging Idiots.

“It’s extremely exciting. I really am honored that they were thinking it was really going to be a duo or that I was the only person they were going to ask. That’s incredible,” shared Stovall. “And I know that one of my favorite ways to create music is in a group setting and with band members. There’s nothing like that.”

As for what’s next for the band…?

“We are thinking the next record and what that’s going to be like in the very near future and we’re so excited to get back in the studio. We’re going to make a Christmas album and start making music and making noise as soon as possible,” teased Cooke.