Utah Teen Injured By Drunk Driver Receives Her Car From ‘Angel’ Russell Dickerson

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Utah Teen Injured By Drunk Driver Receives Her Car From ‘Angel’ Russell Dickerson
Sarah Frei; Chevrolet Traverse Vehicle Delivery; Layton, Utah; March 12, 2021; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Sports Media

In December, Russell Dickerson surprised Sarah Frei, a teenage fan who was hit by a drunk driver and is now a double amputee, with a 2021 Chevy Traverse outfitted for her needs. The singer was moved by her story when he saw a video of her doing her cheerleading her routine in her hospital bed to “Home Sweet,” her favorite song by Dickerson.

This week, the car was finally delivered to Frei completed with all her alterations just in time for her 18th birthday. Photos of the day show Frei trying out her car for the first time and video chatting with Dickerson again. Dickerson posted a photo of their call, writing, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH! Meeting you and being able to be a part of your journey has been the biggest blessing ever! Thank you to my friends at @Chevrolet and @braunability. We hope you love your new #ChevyTraverse!!!!!!”

Frei also posted many photos on her social media page, strong.like.sarah, expressing her gratitude for the special gift.

“I got my car from Russell Dickerson and Chevy which is a HUGE blessing for me,” she wrote. “I cannot express how grateful I am right now. I know that God is so good and he has sent angels to help me and to bless my life. Russell Dickerson is definitely one of those angels.”

Frei also posted a tutorial on how she gets into and drives the car. The car is outfitted with a sliding door and ramp that slides out so Frei can get in with her wheelchair. She then transfers to the driver’s seat, which swivels around to face the controls. To drive, Frei uses various hand controls that allow her to completely control all aspects of the car. The teen shared that she’s already driven the car on the highway.

According to her Instagram page, Frei was severely injured on July 30, 2020 after she and her friends were hit by a drunk driver in Logan Canyon in Bear Lake, ID. There was no cell phone service at the scene, so the teens had to wait 45 minutes for emergency services to arrive. Frei was life flighted to the hospital where she was treated for her extensive injuries, which included the amputation of both of her legs.